Jordan Peterson & John Vervaeke discuss the Meaning of Life - Master Minds I

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Master Minds is a fundraiser discussion series produced by the organizers of Mind Matters, associated with the Buddhism and Psychology Student Union at U of T. To be the first to hear about the next event, sign up for our email newsletter here: Or Like us on facebook: Or follow us on twitter (@UofTMindMatters):

On Thursday, February 5th, the Buddhism and Psychology Student Union hosted an informal discussion between two of the most popular lecturers on campus. Topics explored included truth, what is real and how we experience these phenomena. We are happy to have facilitated an exploration of these issues for ourselves and our peers.

Drs Peterson and Vervaeke have both been rated as “life changing” professors from course feedback and they are both mainstays of the popular conference Mind Matters. While many may be familiar with their lecturing style, the BPSU aims to provide an alternate frame for their opinions. This is a free-form discussion rather than a debate, loosely centred around the role of ontological truth in existentialism.

Moderator: Victor Swift, a psychology PhD candidate who works in th…

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