Jamil Jivani: Author of “Why Young Men”

Mr. Jamil Jivani is a Yale Law School graduate who rose out of the depths of a history of extreme academic underachievement to the pinnacles of educational success. He was born in Toronto, and attended Humber College, and York University, prior to enrolling at Yale, where he was Program Director of the Marshal-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Program and President of the Yale Black Law Students Association. In 2014-2015, he was an articling student at the major Toronto law firm Torys LLP.

He has also worked diligently in Toronto to improve police-community relationships, as well as holding teaching and research positions at Osgoode Hall Law School and Yale Law School.

Mr. Jivani is, in my opinion, a textbook case of a man who took responsibility. He came from a rough background, certainly one of comparative deprivation, and made far more of the opportunities that were still hidden there in some sense than might be reasonably expected of any man.

It seems to me that a world that had more people like Jamil Jivani in it would by anyone’s standards be a better place.It was a privilege to speak with him. I hope you enjoy the conversation, and I would encourage you to pick up his book, "Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity." You can get the book in Canada at Amazon.ca here: https://…

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