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Episode 11: Interview Gregor Kiczales

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by Bernd

on April 9, 2006


Recording Venue:Guest(s): Gregor KiczalesHost(s): Markus

In this Episode we have the pleasure of talking with Gregor Kiczales. Gregor is one of the fathers of aspect-oriented programming (AOP). Today he is a professor of computer science at the University of British Columbia. Back in his days at Xerox Parc, he and a number of other people worked on the early forms of AOP as well as on some of its forerunners, such as meta object protocols. In this interview, we talk about a number of interesting topics, such as the history of AOP, the relationship of AO to interceptors, the industry acceptance of AOP, early aspects (i.e. using AO in development phased before implementation) as well as adoption strategies for AOP.


A link collection on this topic

Information about Early Aspects

Information about Meta Object Protocols at Parc

aosd.net, the home of AOP on the net

The homepage of the AOSD conference where we met for the interview

Gregor’s MOP book, The Art of the Meta Object Protocol

Gregor’s homepage

AOP@Work series of articles at IBM developerWorks


Spring AOP


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