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I work in London Ontario in community development, theatre, and mental health. I am an addicted usser of all things webbish and am looking for help to stop. buzz me on skype @ sqedmonton1 .

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  1. WRF Chris Rock

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  2. WTF bill Maher

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  3. Download MP3 Audio

    The popeline - Merlin Mann Huffduffed from http://5by5.tv/pipeline/7


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  4. social consequences of technologu

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  5. Journalist David Carr Fact-Checks His Own Story : NPR

    Hostile womanizer, crack addict, New York Times journalist —€” David Carr has been all of those, sometimes simultaneously. For his memoir The Night of the Gun, Carr put on his investigative-reporter hat€” to reconstruct his various sordid lives.


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  6. A New Age Of Reformation

    Church historian Diana Butler Bass says a new reformation may be leaving religion behind.


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