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  1. #215: Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction

    A common complaint of the modern age is the sense of distraction and lack of focus that pervades our lives. We typically blame technology like the internet or smartphones for our inability to concentrate on the task at hand. But my guest today argues that the culture of distraction we face runs much deeper than that and actually began several hundred years ago with the Enlightenment.

    His name is Matthew Crawford, and he’s the author of Shop Class as Soulcraft as well as his latest book The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming Human in an Age of Distraction. Today on the show, Matthew and I discuss the origins of our distracted culture and the deeper implications of lives lived totally inside our own heads.


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  2. Second “Is TDD Dead” Hangout video and audio available, third hangout scheduled

    Second "Is TDD Dead" Hangout video and audio available, third hangout scheduled

    We’ve now completed the second “Is TDD Dead” hangout. You can watch it on YouTube or download an mp3 file if you’d rather not look at our faces. We’ve scheduled the next one for Tuesday May 20th at 1100 Eastern time (same time, but a different day next week, due to our scheduling constraints).

    Martin Fowler: 16 May 2014


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