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  1. MacVoices #18065: Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba Discusses Their New Farrago Audio Utility, and Apple’s HomePod - MacVoices

    Rogue Amoeba has a new audio product, Farrago, that has obvious uses for podcasters, and some not-so-obvious uses for anyone who needs sounds at their command. Paul Kafasis explains how this soundboard app can be used to trigger audio files with just a click for podcasts, live productions and more. Paul gives us a sample, and also covers some of the more unusual use cases users have found for it. Paul also discusses how their Airfoil app can be used with Apple’s new HomePod to give it capabilities even Apple hasn’t delivered yet, his thoughts on the device, and who will benefit from it. Magazine, our free magazine on Flipboard that helps you do more with your Apple tech.

    Show Notes:

    Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices. You can catch up with what he’s doing on Twitter, Facebook,

    Google+ and LinkedIn.

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    Paul Kafasis  is the CEO and owner of  Rogue Amoeba, the makers of award-winning audio software, including Audio Hijack Pro and Airfoil. You can see what he’s thinking on his blog, One Foot Tsunami, and follow him on Twitter.


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  2. VORW Radio International Program #61 via 5850 9395 7780kHz

    The 61st broadcast of VORW Radio International.

    Schedule: Thursday 2300 UTC - 9955 kHz - To South America Friday 0000 UTC - 7730 kHz - To Western North America Friday 0100 UTC - 5850 kHz - To North America Friday 0100 UTC - 9395 kHz - To North America

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  3. The Strange and Twisted Life of “Frankenstein” | The New Yorker

    Jill Lepore writes about Mary Shelley’s novel in honor of its two hundredth birthday.


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  4. 190: Integration Automation Using Citrus Testing Framework with Christoph Deppisch - Test Talks

    LinkedIn10Twitter0Facebook0Integration Automation Using Citrus Testing Framework with Christoph Deppisch

    Today we’ll be test talking with the creator of the Citrus Integration Testing Framework, Christoph Deppisch. Citrus is an open source solution that was developed to help you automate integration tests for pretty much any messaging protocol or data format. So if you’re looking to expand your automation efforts beyond lame, flaky, UI-based automated tests, this episode is for you.Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

    Citrus has a focus on the messaging integration. So if you have a software and you have to talk to other services or to other software components and you are using any kind of messaging transport you usually you have HTTP rest or you have to JMS or some other kind of messaging transport then citrus is the framework that you should use or you can use to test these messaging integration.

    So citrus could trigger selenium for interacting with the user interface click some buttons and on the backed and side citrus can just receive this e-mail or could receive the JMS communication that was triggered by the UI intact in the very same test. So you can have a test case where your first action is a selenium action and you click some button and the second action could be receiving mail action that receives the mail. And the third action could be your JMS integration where you just validate that your back-end service is having some message on the on the JMS Transport.

    So, first of all, you can create XML test cases so you can write your test case without having to write Java code at all. You can just code it in XML. But then, of course, we also integrated the Java world itself so you can use a fluent API in Java to write your citrus test cases as you would write a normal Java unit test for example.

    Camel has a huge set of adapters for different messaging transports or data formats and citrus is able to interact or to use those camel components directly in the test. So if citrus is not having an integration with messaging transport or with a data format you should have a look into Apache camel and if there you can use it in citrus also because citrus can just use the camera component out of the box.

    There’s a citrus BDD extension that works on top of Cucumber so that you can use the components and fluent API of citrus inside of Cucumber test.

    First of all you have to write your integration test so they can be automated. This is probably my advice. So many people create integration tests where you just have some kind of manual interaction and you have to do some kind of prepare for the testing environment and you should just do this and that in a manual state. No, just have to write your integration test so that it can be automated and integrated into your continuous delivery and only then these tests will be executed at a very fluent and frequent way. And I think this is the main advice I would say to someone that is into integration testing — try to automated it completely from one to the other hand.




    Connect with Christoph Deppisch

    Twitter: @freaky_styley

    Blog: citrusframework

    Company: ConSol Software GmbH

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  5. Hobos of the Future with John Roderick

    Your browser does not support this media format. click here to listen.In this weeks episode, Aaron discovers a cache of dangerous chocolate in the refrigerator. John Roderick of The Long Winters stops by Dining Room Studios to give Aaron a lesson in Tweeting. Being naive in a sea of hobos. Playing indi-rock during the grunge era. And becoming an icon in Nerd Culture.

    Music Featured In This Weeks Episode: The Long Winters

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  6. Members Only 10: Reconcilable Differences: Jack Of All Trades - Members Only (podcast)

    For this special, members-only episode, John and Merlin are joined by their friend and frequent show topic, John Roderick. Guest Starring: John Siracusa, John Roderick , and Merlin Mann Links and Show Notes @johnroderick on Twitter John Roderick on WikipediaJohn…

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  7. a16z Podcast: The $200 PC in the Enterprise

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  8. Aunt Nancy | You Look Nice Today

    Swordpicks Sit back, relax, mix yourself an Aunt Nancy but don’t cross the swords. We’re coloncasting over at ¿Esto debería estar en el recipiente de correo? Body (Not) Movin’.

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  9. Why Paper Jams Persist | The New Yorker

    Joshua Rothman writes about how a trivial problem reveals the limits of technology.

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  10. The Nudge Episode 20: Self Doubt with Merlin Mann

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