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  1. Tim Nahumck Teaches Max How to Use Drafts | Do By Friday on Patreon

    Official Post from Do By Friday: No Peanut Butter! Max surprised Alex and Merlin with a guided tutorial from Tim Nahumck, an iOS evangelist who literally wrote the book on the new Drafts 5. If you like this treat, consider giving us your money.

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  2. M1BTN Podcast Episode 1 – M1BTN – Monroe 1 BOCES Technology Network


    This Episode is our TOP 5 Updates For 365 for October in EDU

    LISTEN RIGHT HERE!!! to the Sway website to go along with the Podcast for the Top 5 in 365

    Next Episode: An Intro to Teams in Office 365

    AND Teams of Thrones: A Survival Guide for Microsoft Teams in EDU

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  3. 09 - Hardcore History: Darkness Buries the Bronze Age

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  4. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History-Hardcore History 16 - Nazi Tidbits

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  5. Hardcore History 17 Judgment at Nineveh

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  6. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History-Hardcore History 26 - (BLITZ) Addicted to Bondage

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  7. Dan Carlin’s EXTRA Hardcore History-HH 47.5 - EXTRA Wrath of the Khans

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  8. Extra – Wrath of the Khans

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  9. Hardcore History 61 – (BLITZ) Painfotainment

    Dan’s research and book list

    1. The Lure of the Arena: Social Psychology and the Crowd at the Roman Games by Garrett G. Fagan

    2. The Hanging Tree: Execution and the English People 1770-1868 by V. A. C. [Vic] Gatrell

    3. Seeing Justice Done: The Age of Spectacular Capital Punishment in France by Paul Friedland

    4. The Faithful Executioner: Life and Death, Honor and Shame in the Turbulent Sixteenth Century by Joel F. Harrington

    5. Rituals of Retribution: Capital Punishment in Germany, 1600-1987 by Richard J. Evans

    6. Lynching and Spectacle: Witnessing Racial Violence in America, 1890-1940 by Amy Louise Wood

    7. Lynching in America: A History in Documents by Christopher Waldrep

    8. Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome (Approaching the Ancient World) by Donald G. Kyle

    9. Theatre of Horror: Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Germany by Richard Van Dulmen and Elisabeth Neu

    10. The Spectacle of Suffering: Executions and the Evolution of Repression: From a Preindustrial metropolis to the European Experience by Pieter Spierenburg

    11. Rites of Execution: Capital Punishment and the Transformation of American Culture, 1776-1865 by Louis P. Masur

    12. Until You Are Dead: The Book of Executions in America by Frederick Drimmer

    13. Dark Justice: The History of Punishment and Torture by Karen Farrington

    14. Public Executions: From Ancient Rome to the Present Day by Nigel Cawthorne

    15. Witnesses to the Scaffold: English Literary Figures As Observers of Public Executions: Pierce Egan, Thackeray, Dickens, Alexander Smith, G. A. Sala, Orwell by Antony E. Simpson

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  10. The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 62: SCUBA Diving in Belize with Four Popular Dive Watches (Follow Up) - Worn & Wound

    This episode of The Worn & Wound Podcast is brought to you by Hamilton Watch. We asked for your questions, and you came through big time. Today, we’re talking “expertise” in the watch world, entry-level watches, the future of micro-brands, watches that hold their value, and so much more. Special thanks to @ashtonyoung, @rigzz, @alvarezbrian, @theadultkid, @bradleyslavin, and @time4_adventures for the great questions. For more coverage of your favorite watches, check us out on and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For a great assortment of American-made watch straps and other accessories, head on over to And if you like what you hear, leave us a review on

    iTunes. Also, don’t forget to shoot us an email at or message us on any of our social media accounts to ask us a question or suggest a topic for future discussion. Enjoy the show!

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