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  1. London IA Podcast with Cennydd Bowles

    In the latest London IA Podcast we host a wide-ranging conversation with Cennydd Bowles on moving from user experience design to digital product designer, what it takes to develop visual design skills, freelancing, A List Apart, writing a book, conference speaking and of course that legendary animal of European folklore.

    Hosted by Matthew Solle and Andrew Travers. Produced by Will Myddelton and Matthew Solle.

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  2. LDNIA Podcast: Special Edition from IA Summit 12

    Recorded at the IA Summit 2012 in New Orleans, Giles Colborne talks with Jared Spool, Dan Brown, Dana Chisnell, Angela Coulter, Stephen Anderson, Veronica Erb and Karl Fast in this special edition of the London IA Podcast.

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  3. London IA Podcast: Episode 4 with Giles Colborne

    Episode 4 of the London IA podcast is - finally - out. In it, we chat with Giles Colborne, managing director of CX Partners and author of ‘Simple and Usable’ about his career in design, the evolution of user centred design, writing, the role of conferences, and distraction and delight in design.

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  4. SXSW 2012: The Ultimate Bruce Sterling Talk

    This is Bruce Sterling’s closing talk from SXSW 2012 Interactive.

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  5. London IA Podcast: Episode 3 with Lou Rosenfeld

    Few of us would be where we are in our field without the contribution of Lou Rosenfeld, our guest this month. Andrew Travers and Matthew Solle talked with Lou over Skype about his upcoming October workshops in London, his new book on search analytics, and about how far IA and UX has come since the first edition of the polar bear book.

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  6. London IA Podcast: Episode 2 with Mags Hanley

    This month, the London IA podcast is on the road, talking with Mags Hanley at her kitchen table about her career in information architecture; working with the BBC, the Web Technology Group and more; the evolution of UX management and mentoring, and her upcoming keynote at this year’s Euro IA.

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  7. Square eyes and blue faces

    The world is stuffed with data and we’re becoming dependent on screens. What alternatives do we have, and why should we care? A talk by Ben Bashford at Skillswap Brighton.

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  8. London IA Podcast: Episode 1 with Martin Belam

    London IA Podcast. In this first episode Matthew Solle talks with Martin Belam about sketching, being a product owner, The Guardian iPad app and the future of news, being creative, education and of course blogging.

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  9. Orson Welles: Peas Grow There

    A classic outtake. Orson Welles attempts to the voiceover for Findus frozen foods. Hilarity ensues.

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  10. Mark Boulton — Designing grid systems

    Grid systems have been used in print design, architecture and interior design for generations. Now, on the web, the same rules of grid system composition and usage no longer apply. Content is viewed in many ways; from RSS feeds to email. Content is viewed on many devices; from mobile phones to laptops. Users can manipulate the browser, they can remove content, resize the canvas, resize the typefaces. A designer is no longer in control of this presentation. So where do grid systems fit in to all that?

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