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  1. TPD 156 - Merlin Mann “An Old Man’s Reframe”

    For the 4 year anniversary episode of TPD, it was my pleasure to have been joined by one of my favorite podcasters of all time - Merlin Mann!  I talk with Merlin about his history in podcasting, working with his co-hosts, the difference in his shows and some of his favorite podcasts!   If you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting TPD on Patreon! Links Merlin Mann (Twitter) (Blog) 43 Folders 

    Getting Things Done, by David Allen Macbreak Weekly Ep. 7 Merlin's Podstand Reconciliable Differences Ep. 2 Merlin's Cat You Look Nice Today "Parlor Parlor" John Roderick Interview You Look Nice Today Roderick on the Line Back to Work Reconciliable Differences Do by Friday

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  2. Improving Reliability with Error Budgets, Metrics, and Tracing in Stackdriver (Cloud Next ‘18)

    Learn about the Site Reliability Engineering principle of error budgets and best practices for SLO-focused alerting and focused debugging. Members of the Stackdriver and Customer Reliability Engineering teams will demonstrate how Stackdriver tooling inspired by the needs of SREs at Google brings you the ability to run services more reliability and with fewer false positive signals through tracking and alerting upon error budgets and debugging with the exemplar technique during an outage.

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    Watch more Infrastructure & Operations sessions here → Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist →

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  3. Defocused | Every Day is a Winding Refn (Episode 158)

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    Drive (2011) - IMDb

    Drive (2011 film) - Wikipedia

    Mistral (typeface) - Wikipedia

    audioBoom / Episode 13: Nicolas Winding Refn on the Music in Drive, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon

    Episode 13: Nicolas Winding Refn on the Music in Drive, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon — Soundtracking with Edith Bowman — Overcast

    The Driver (1978) - IMDb

    Ryan Gosling - Conan - YouTube

    Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino Hot Fuzz Commentary 2007 on Huffduffer

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  4. The Truth About VPNs

    For a long time now, "use a VPN" has been the default online privacy advice — but is it really so effective? Following the recent VPN boom that came on the tails of Congress scrapping new ISP privacy rules, a few security experts have stepped forward to explain how VPNs aren't all they're cracked up to be, and choosing and using one isn't as easy as many articles and social media posts suggest. Among them are this week's guests, Kevin Riggle (who provided a quick and dirty primer with the key suggestion that most people are safer not using a VPN) and Kenn White (who assembled a list of VPNs he deems "terrible" and not without good reason, recommending a roll-your-own solution instead). They join us to dig deeper into the reality of VPNs and hopefully help some people make better choices.

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  5. Stack Overflow Podcast #104 - Jenn Schiffer Talks to Us about Fog Creek’s New Glitch

    On this week's episode, Jenn Schiffer - aka jennmoneydollars - talks to us about joining Fog Creek as the company's new Community Engineer. She'll be focused on their brand new community, Glitch, which launched today. The gang also listens to Joel rant a lot about a shack he owns.

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