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  1. Answering the Question: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    Our guidance on how to answer the question ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’.

    This is a common interview question. There’s lots of facetious answers (‘in your boss’s chair’ comes to mind). Because it’s so common though, not having a thought about an answer shows that you are really unprepared. So what is the answer?

    (Message to hiring managers - don’t ask this question. It’s not dispositive. Everyone will give you what they think you want to hear rather than what they actually mean. No-one knows what will have happened in 5 years. Having the answer to this question doesn’t help you assess a candidate at all).


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  2. How to Answer the Leadership Style Question (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    This cast describes how to answer the interviewing question, "Describe Your Leadership Style."

    This is perhaps the third most important interviewing question, after, "Tell me about yourself," and behavioral questions.

    It can be a tough one if you haven’t done some thinking about how you lead and motivate others, and why others perform well when you are leading them.

    In this cast, we walk through how to prepare to answer, and how to deliver an impressive answer.

    Finally, at the end of the show, we share a crucial test that your answer must pass.

    While you already know the answer to the test, it still catches most people off guard.

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  3. Direct Relationships Acid Test | Manager Tools

    This cast prescribes asking your directs what their children’s names are.

    We’ve asked the question at every Manager Tools Effective Manager Conference, and every internal client session where One on Ones were covered. The answers are eerily similar. And the answers PROVE that the average professional manager really does NOT know what she needs to know to be effective.

    What’s the question? Well, it’s a series of questions, actually. And this cast walks EVERYONE through them. You’ve probably heard them before - we routinely mention them. But sometimes the things that go without saying bear repeating.

    What Is More Important To You, Your Family or Your Work?

    What is More Important To Your Directs, Their Family or Their Work?

    With That In Mind, Can You Name Each Of The Children Of Each Of Your Direct Reports?

    Find Out NOW.

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