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  1. 022 – Nuclear Fusion at MPI für Plasmaphysik | omega tau science & engineering podcast

    022 – Nuclear Fusion at MPI für Plasmaphysik

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    This episode covers my visit to the Max Plack Institut for Plasmaphysik where I spent a couple of hours with Matthias Reich talking about nuclear fusion. The episode has three parts. In part one we talk about the scienfic and physical basics of nuclear fusion. Part two covers some of the ways the MPI facilities work, and part three discusses the ASDEX Upgrade experiment at IPP in Garching.

    Nuclear Fusion explained at Wikipedia

    Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik

    The Tokamak

    The Stellarator

    ZDFmediathek zu Kernfusion (German)

    The JET facility

    ITER, and its fan club

    The NIF

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