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  1. Rocket #174: Git Champions - Relay FM

    Rocket, recorded live at Microsoft Build 2018. Christina and Bri banter, offer some opinions on the Build 2018 keynote — and comment on some late-breaking Taylor Swift/Katt Perry drama — before interviewing Microsoft’s Ed Thomson and Lori Lamkin.

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  2. This Developer’s Life - 2.0.2 Pressure

    2.0.2 Pressure


    Download Here

    Scott and Rob talk to a group of Top Gun developers: the StackOverflow team, about the day their database melted - and how the team responded.

    Geoff Dalgas

    • developer on StackOverflow

    Sam Saffron

    • developer and data geek at StackOverflow

    Jeff Atwood

    ,Mr. CodingHorror and co-founder of StackOverflow


    The music tracks this week are a combination of Fair Use, Royalty-free, and Mashups. As with most of our mashups I won’t link the source but you can find them on any video serving site.

    Beastie Boys

    • Sabotage

    Nine Inch Nails

    • Ghosts VI

    Star Garden

    • Rutile


    • Whipping the Horse’s Eyes


    • Linber


    This Developer’s Life is brought to you by CodeRush for Visual Studio.

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