Zig ⚡ SHOWTIME #28: Viewstamped Replication Made Famous

Join the TigerTeam to learn more about Viewstamped Replication, the replication algorithm used by TigerBeetle, and its history. This episode will also feature interviews with the authors of the original papers that presented VR: Brian Oki and James Cowling.

The bug bounty repository (make sure to read the full readme): https://github.com/coilhq/viewstamped-replication-made-famous

Join the TigerBeetle Discord server: https://discord.gg/uWCGp46uG5

Tiger Tracks, tracks to listen to as you try to break the implementation: https://www.tigerbeetle.com/tiger-tracks

0:00 Intro 7:42 Viewstamped Replication Made Famous - Joran Greef 49:05 Interview with Brian Oki ("Viewstamped Replication", 1988) 1:12:50 Break 1:25:22 Interview with James Cowling ("Viewstamped Replication Revisited", 2012) 2:24:53 Bounty announcement

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jlikdtm4OA
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