There’s still hope for building on the web - The Verge

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  1. How Building Implosions Work | Stuff You Should Know: The Podcast

    Building implosions go where wrecking balls don’t. Learn how building implosions work in this podcast from Stuff You Should Know.

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  2. There’s still hope for building on the web - The Verge

    Nilay Patel interviews Paul Ford about his hopefulness in tech, his recent piece in Wired, and the state of building stuff for the web.

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  3. Let’s interface - how to get known in your company for building cool stuff

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  4. Monsterhearts Actual Play Session 1 from The Walking Eye Podcast on podbay: open podcasting

    Monsterhearts Actual Play Session 1We start our run on Joe Mcdaldno’s Monster Hearts, a game about angsty teenage monsters. We have a special return guest, Dan, as Troll opted to bow out since he can tolerate neither tennagers nor angst.  This first session is character creation and a bit of world building. Good stuff! Relevant links Monster Hearts Twilight […]TweetPopout Listen on iPhoneListen on AndroidLoading…Download

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  5. Building Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion: Part 1 blogger Tracy V. Wilson writes about the Stuff You Missed in History Class episode Building Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, Pt. 1.

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  6. Stuff Said 058: Erica Henderson | Stuff Said with Gregg Schigiel

    Stuff Said is a show featuring freeform conversational interviews with professionals in the world of comics, cartooning, and beyond. Stuff Said is hosted by Gregg Schigiel, a working freelance cartoonist, illustrator, and writer.

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  7. Stuf beyond the obvious - Chris Davey, Whitespace

    Chris Davey, Creative Director, Whitespace The internet is filled with stuff. Stuff of all shapes and sizes. Good stuff, ok stuff and downright terrible stuff. Chris thinks a lot of it could be better. But how do you make your idea’s really stand out, be effective and connect with your audience? Chris looks at ways to engage and delight people by thinking differently about how we approach problems from a different perspective. In this show and tell he talks through how Whitespace took on problems to create meaningful, fun and effective stuff! Filmed at Design It; Build It Edinburgh -

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  8. The Nerd Fountain Presents: Nerd Fountain 2: All The Deck Building

    Thanks for listening! You can find our website at

    On Nerd Fountain 2: All the Deck Building we discuss and highlight every deck building game ever made. Ever. Probably. Except maybe Pathfinder.This is followed by…A review of Legendary Encounters: Alien 

    A review of Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy


    Then we discuss and list our current favorite deck building games and

    our least favorite deck building games.


    We wrap the show with some video game talk reviewing The Banner Sage and Fading Hearts.Thanks again for listening and please rate and comment on itunes and/or libsyn!

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  9. Cardboard Architects : CBA Pubcast #3 - Team Building

    Today we talk about how we go about team building.

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  10. ep134_Preppers Guide To Building Wea

    In response to a recent article in Money Magazine on building wealth, I present nineteen ways for preppers to build wealth while staying true to their prepper beliefs and ideals.

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