A Short History Of Story: Part one

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  1. Collaborative Storytelling with Dice

    You’ve probably heard of "tabletop Role Playing Games" (or, tabletop RPGs) before, but what are they? In this episode, Chris and Morgan introduce a subset of RPGs called "Narrative RPGs" whose mechanics are focused primarily around storytelling (as opposed to tactical combat).2 Hear about how narrative RPGs can be used as "collaborative storytelling with dice", some of the narrative RPG systems that exist, as well as an in-depth look at one particular RPG system, Freeform Universal. Freeform Universal is so simple and easy to pick up that by the end of this episode, you should have enough information to use it for weaving stories with your friends!



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  2. Episode 20: Thomas Grip & JT Petty | Script Lock

    Thomas and JT join us to discuss the Four Layers of Narrative Design, mistaking plot for story, how controllers affect the narrative, goals of storytelling, VR skepticism, the relation between narrative systems and emotional impact, Silent Hill, what a lack of combat can do for you, the lessons developers can learn from horror, and much more!


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  3. #302 : On Narrative w/ David Bordwell | Reel Fanatics

    About the author: MICHAEL NEELSEN is an award-winning film director living in Madison, Wisconsin. He studied film and storytelling in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX before releasing his first feature-length documentary, Last Day at Lambeau, in 2012. He’s also an amateur mixologist, Green Bay Packers fan and can’t imagine life without Tom Waits.


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  4. Everyday Bravery: Introducing Everyday Bravery

    Be inspired by real-life stories from people who dare to dream big, speak up, hang in, say no, let go, and take action. Hear how their acts of courage enrich their lives and the ones they love, and could enrich yours.


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  5. Episode 1 Seer | Season 2 | Unobscured

    History is full of stories we think we know. They are old and dark, but time has robbed us of perspective and clarity. They’ve become obscured and misunderstood.

    That’s why this series exists: to dig deep and shed light on some of history’s darkest moments. To make it Unobscured. Each season will pair narrative storytelling from Aaron Mahnke, the creator of Lore, with prominent historian interviews.

    Unobscured Season 2

    Season 2 delves deep into the world of Spiritualism. By tracing its bizarre trajectory from a scattered fad to a worldwide phenomenon, listeners will discover the truth about the movement—and how it still impacts our world today.


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  6. Confabulation #14 • The Shortest Story 4, Part 2 | No More Radio

    No More Radio; a podcast network from the heart of radio. With podcasts based arts, culture, music, politics, storytelling, comedy, and so much more!


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  7. Storytelling: How narratives shape our reality, ideas and behaviour

    Ever since its emergence, humanity has cultivated the art of telling stories, an art that is everywhere at the heart of the social bond. But since the 1990s, first in the US and then in Europe, this art has been colonized by the domain of public relations and triumphant capitalism, and relabelled with the anodyne name of storytelling.

    This has become a weapon in the hands of marketing, management and political gurus, so as to better format the minds of consumers and citizens. Behind the advertising campaigns, but also in the shadows of victorious electoral campaigns from Bush to Sarkozy and Obama hide sophisticated storytelling management or digital storytelling technicians.

    Join author and researcher Christian Salmon as he unveils the mechanics of a storytelling machine, far more effective than Orwellian visions of totalitarian society. The subject that it wants to create is a bewitched individual, immersed in a fictive universe that filters perceptions, stimulates feelings and frames behaviour and ideas.


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