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  1. EPISODE #312: Chances w/ Wolves Radio Show on East Village

    Green Onions - ZinthetyzĂ«r Nobody’s Perfect - Tony McKay Sorry but I’m Gonna Have to Pass - The Coasters I Don’t Want To Be Your Man - The B-G System Pressed Rat And Warthog - Cream
    I Wonder What Freedom Means - Los Canarios
    Morale - Rina Berti
    One Man Band (Plays All Alone)- Monk Higgins
    My Lovely Elizabeth - S.E. Rogie
    Everyday People - James Last Cum cumbele - Michi Sarmiento Summertime - Don and the Nocturnes Any Day Now - James Brown
    Jamaica - Ben E. King
    Johnny - Jackie Edwards
    Hazlo Fluido - Afro Gang
    sawmill - the admirals …

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