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  1. Beth Lisick on “Drinks With Tony”

    Beth Lisick is the author of Edie On The Green Screen. It’s her debut novel and she’s also best selling NY Times author with earlier non-fiction including Everybody Into The Pool and Helping Me Help Myself.

    She’s the co-founder of the Porch Light Storytelling Series and we chat a bit about our stints as exclusive background actors for big time TV shows and films.

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  2. EPISODE #312: Chances w/ Wolves Radio Show on East Village

    Green Onions - Zinthetyzër Nobody’s Perfect - Tony McKay Sorry but I’m Gonna Have to Pass - The Coasters I Don’t Want To Be Your Man - The B-G System Pressed Rat And Warthog - Cream
    I Wonder What Freedom Means - Los Canarios
    Morale - Rina Berti
    One Man Band (Plays All Alone)- Monk Higgins
    My Lovely Elizabeth - S.E. Rogie
    Everyday People - James Last Cum cumbele - Michi Sarmiento Summertime - Don and the Nocturnes Any Day Now - James Brown
    Jamaica - Ben E. King
    Johnny - Jackie Edwards
    Hazlo Fluido - Afro Gang
    sawmill - the admirals …

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