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  1. Zak Rosen on Bar Mitzvah dances: KCRW’s Unfictional

    When a Jewish kid of 12 or 13 becomes bar or bat mitzvahed, they take their first step into adulthood. Following the actual ceremony, there’s often a large party for family and friends of the newly minted young adult, and at the the center of these parties is dancing. Slow dancing, fast dancing. It might be the first time a kid ever dances or even touches a member of the opposite sex.

    That’s where Joe Cornell Entertainment comes in. Since 1957, the metro-Detroit company has been offering a 12-week dance class to sixth graders who are about to find themselves neck deep in bar mitzvah invitations. Producer Zak Rosen attended Joe Cornell as a 12 year-old. He and his friends have lots of memories from those innocent days. Now Rosen has found two young men who are just embarking on that memorable, often awkward journey.

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  2. The Couple in 303

    Infamous Boston Irish mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, spent 15 years hiding out as retired couple "Charlie and Carol Gasko" on a quiet block in Santa Monica. The discovery of the Gaskos, in an apartment crammed with cash and guns, made headlines around the world and turned the block into a media circus. Writer Gideon Brower, who lived across the street from the Gaskos, talks to residents of their apartment building about the couple, the arrests, and why America’s most notorious fugitives were actually pretty good neighbors.

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