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  1. Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse Founder & CEO | Talks at Google

    TIM LEAGUE / Alamo Drafthouse Founder & CEO Tim League graduated from Rice University in 1992 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Art/Art History. After a two-year stint at Shell Oil in Bakersfield, California, Tim left engineering and opened up his first movie theater. When that theater closed after a short run in 1995, he and his wife Karrie headed to Austin with 200 seats, a projector, screen, speakers and a passion to do it right the second time. They founded the Alamo Drafthouse in 1997, where as CEO League remains committed to providing creative programming and a zero tolerance policy for disruption during the theater experience. League also co-founded Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the United States, and launched Drafthouse Films, a distribution label committed to releasing provocative, visionary and unusual films from around the world. Past releases include critically-acclaimed comedies FOUR LIONS and KLOWN, the rediscovered classic WAKE IN FRIGHT, and the Oscar-nominated BULLHEAD and THE ACT OF KILLING. When asked about his early qualifications for opening a movie theater, League answered, "None, other than really liking movies, which I guess is the most important part." Alamo Drafthouse is expanding nationwide to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Brooklyn, with many more on the horizon.

    Talk moderated by Dana Han-Klein


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  2. Parul Sehgal: An ode to envy: TED Talk

    What is jealousy? What drives it, and why do we secretly love it? No study has ever been able to capture its “loneliness, longevity, grim thrill” — that is, says Parul Sehgal, except for fiction. In an eloquent meditation she scours pages from literature to show how jealousy is not so different from a quest for knowledge.

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  3. Robert Muggah: How to protect fast-growing cities from failing

    Worldwide, violence is on the decline, but in the crowded cities of the global south — cities like Aleppo, Bamako and Caracas — violence is actually accelerating, fueled by the drug trade, mass unemployment and civil unrest. Security researcher Robert Muggah turns our attention toward these “fragile cities,” super-fast-growing places where infrastructure is weak and government often ineffective. He shows us the four big risks we face, and offers a way to change course.

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  4. Stories of Violence and Reconciliation in ‘Bulletproof Vest’, a Memoir by Maria Venegas | Public Radio International

    Daniel Alarcón talks to Maria Venegas, the author of ‘Bulletproof Vest: The Ballad of an Outlaw and His Daughter’, a memoir about her tumultuous and complicated relationship with her dad.

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