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  1. Van Jones & Favianna Rodriguez Put Artists of Color at Heart of Environmental Movement: KQED Arts

    The political commentator and artist discuss how creative people from diverse ethnic backgrounds are helping to move the needle on global warming

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  2. Far from home, Latinas throw quinceañeras as they’d never be at home | Public Radio International

    There’s a new wave of Latino girls in the US rethinking the traditional quinceañera. The celebration marking a girl’s 15th birthday is being remade big, celebrating not just a birthday, but also cultural heritage in ways that no girl actually in Mexico would dream up.

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  3. Are All Young Artists ‘Post-9/11’ Artists? : NPR

    In the 40 Under 40 exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, young artists bring modern-day technology together with old-fashioned craft techniques. Curator Nicholas Bell says it is a worldview and artistic approach "defined by the angst, the unease, the trepidation, the difficulties of the 21st century."

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