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  1. Ghetto Life 101

    n March, 1993, LeAlan Jones, thirteen, and Lloyd Newman, fourteen, collaborated with public radio producer David Isay to create the radio documentary Ghetto Life 101, their audio diaries of life on Chicago’s South Side. The boys taped for ten days, walking listeners through their daily lives: to school, to an overpass to throw rocks at cars, to a bus ride that takes them out of the ghetto, and to friends and family members in the community. The candor in Jones and Newman’s diaries brought listeners face to face with a portrait of poverty and danger and their effects on childhood in one of Chicago’s worst housing projects. Like Vietnam War veterans in the bodies of young boys, Jones and Newman described the bitter truth about the sounds of machine guns at night and the effects of a thriving drug world on a community. Ghetto Life 101 became one of the most acclaimed programs in public radio history, winning almost all of the major awards in American broadcasting, including: the Sigma Delta Chi Award, the Ohio State Award, the Livingston Award, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Awards for Excellence in Documentary Radio and Special Achievement in Radio Programming, and others. Ghetto Life 101 was also awarded the Prix Italia, Europe’s oldest and most prestigious broadcasting award. It has been translated into a dozen languages and has been broadcast worldwide.

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  2. Living 9/11: WNYC

    Ten years after the World Trade Center attacks, WNYC’s 10th Anniversary Special explores New Yorkers’ most visceral and immediate emotional reactions to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and how they are – and are not - still with us today.

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  3. No Greater Love (Honorable Mention: Third Coast Audio Festival 2013)

    London’s little-known Memorial of Heroic Self-Sacrifice commemorates ordinary men, women and children who made a split-second decision to rescue another person – and died as a result.

    Now – for the first time in 78 years – a new name has been added: Leigh Pitt, who drowned saving a child in 2007.

    No Greater Love won a Best Documentary: Honorable Mention award in the 2013 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. It was produced by Cathy FitzGerald and Matt Thompson for Rockethouse Productions and BBC World Service,

    Listen to all nine winners of the 2013 TC/RHDF Competition, and check out the EXTRA section below for a few related links, and to hear Cathy and Matt accepting their award.

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