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  1. Design Matters with Debbie Millman: Sarah Jones

    Debbie talks to playwright Sarah Jones about her relationship with her characters. "I’m not them. And they are not me. I know I’m tired if a little bit of me leaks into a character."

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  2. Khoi Vinh: Observer Media: Design Observer

    Khoi Vinh is a user experience designer, writer and speaker. For five years, he was the design director at, where he led the in-house design team in user experience innovation for digital products of all kinds. For over a decade, he has published his thoughts on design, technology and culture at the widely-read blog He is the author of Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design (New Riders), and he has lectured all over the world on design matters. Previously, Khoi was a co-founder of the award-winning New York design studio Behavior, LLC.

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