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  1. Press Publish 14: Jenna Weiss-Berman on BuzzFeed’s podcast strategy and moves into audio news » Nieman Journalism Lab

    BuzzFeed has figured out how to make content go viral. Can it figure out how to build community and reach younger audiences with podcasting?

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  2. The Moth Presents Al Letson: A Father Figures

    Haunted with guilt, a father admits he was not quite ready for a second child.

    Al Letson is a poet, playwright, and broadcaster. His public radio show State of the RE:Union is distributed by PRX and NPR and can be heard on public radio stations around the country and online.

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  3. Longform Podcast #136: Anna Sale

    Anna Sale is the host of Death, Sex & Money.

    “It’s the result of listening, of feeling listened to, that people open up. I look like a crazy person when I do interviews, because sometimes someone will be describing something and I will close my eyes and try to picture what they’re telling me. And if I can’t picture the moment they’re describing I’ll just try to dig in a little bit more.”

    Thanks to TinyLetter, The Great Courses, MarketingProfs, and WealthFront for sponsoring this week’s episode.

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  4. “Brooklyn Left Me Broke and Tired” Profile of one resident on WNYC’s “Sex, Death and Money”

    She’s 53 years old. She’s gotten by as a freelance documentary producer in New York for 30 years. But she told me her coffers have dried up just when her landlord is selling. She’s losing her apartment — one that’s just six doors down from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s house in Park Slope.

    Heidi made her choices, she knows that. But as her own neighbor came to dominate the mayoral race with his tale of two cities — one of the ultra-wealthy vs. those near the poverty line — there’s been another group in the middle that is quietly losing ground. Median rents have increased seventy-five percent in New York City since 2000, while incomes have declined by 5 percent. Heidi is one of those people in the middle: a college-educated professional who’s finding that the life she’s used to now comes with a heftier price tag.

    This is the story of one woman whose optimism couldn’t hold up against financial realities.

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  5. Easy love

    Twenty-six years ago, Warren Kirk was at home in his suburban Melbourne rental flat. Freshly showered and dressed, he consulted the yellow pages before making a call.

    Producer Jaye Kranz brings us the story of what happens next in this mediation on loss, memory, and the - not so random - CDs we play in the car. Learn what Jaye calls "the spooky power of radio" (and about her side-gig as a rock star)…

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  6. No Greater Love (Honorable Mention: Third Coast Audio Festival 2013)

    London’s little-known Memorial of Heroic Self-Sacrifice commemorates ordinary men, women and children who made a split-second decision to rescue another person – and died as a result.

    Now – for the first time in 78 years – a new name has been added: Leigh Pitt, who drowned saving a child in 2007.

    No Greater Love won a Best Documentary: Honorable Mention award in the 2013 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. It was produced by Cathy FitzGerald and Matt Thompson for Rockethouse Productions and BBC World Service,

    Listen to all nine winners of the 2013 TC/RHDF Competition, and check out the EXTRA section below for a few related links, and to hear Cathy and Matt accepting their award.

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