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    Tavi Gevinson was just a misunderstood middle school student from suburban Chicago who started a fashion blog with photos of her exuberantly eccentric outfits. That blog, Style Rookie, won her celebrity friends, invitations to Paris fashion shows, and a lengthy profile in The New Yorker — all by the time she was 14.

    See some of Tavi’s early style below.

    Gevinson graduated from high school this year and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Now the editor of the online magazine Rookie, she has acted in a few movies and has just made her Broadway debut in This Is Our Youth, a play by Kenneth Lonergan about three kids growing up privileged and confused. Gevinson plays Jessica Goldman, a 19-year-old who frets about how age will change her.

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  2. Actor Geoffrey Rush on The Dinner Party Download

    Australian actor Geoffrey Rush has appeared in some of the most acclaimed films of recent decades, including “Shine,” “Quills,” and “The King’s Speech” – each of which earned him an Oscar win or nomination. Along the way he found time to play Shakespeare’s ribald contemporary in “Shakespeare In Love”… and of course one of the titular criminal seafarers in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

    His newest film is “The Book Thief,” based on the award-winning novel by his Aussie countryman Markus Zusak. Set amid the horror of Nazi Germany, Rush plays a kindly man trying to raise his young foster daughter while shletering a Jewish refugee.

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  3. In Studio 360 Interview, Jessica Lange says she’s ready to retire

    essica Lange says she’s ready to call it quits — almost.

    She tells Kurt Andersen that she’s poised to finish up her performing career, which includes two Oscars and 13 Golden Globes, "in a couple years." One of those Globes was for her performance the hit FX miniseries American Horror Story. Sorry, fans: next season, she says, will be her last.

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  4. Actress Toni Collette on The Dinner Party Download

    Toni Collette has caught audience attention on screens for years, from her break-out role in "Muriel’s Wedding" (an indie made in her native Australia) to more recent hits like "Little Miss Sunshine," "The Way Way Back," and "Enough Said." From 2009 to 2011, she starred in the acclaimed television series "United States of Tara" - and now she is back to follow that up with a new series, "Hostages."

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