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Kevin Smokler is the author of essay collection "Practical Classics: 50 Reasons the Reread 50 Books you Haven’t Touched Since High School" (2013) and the editor of "Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times," A San Francisco Chronicle Notable Book of 2005. His work has appeared in the LA Times, Fast Company, Paid Content, The San Francisco Chronicle, Publishers Weekly and on National Public Radio.

He’s also a complete freak for radio.

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  1. Studs Turkel Radio Program: Frederick Douglass

    Studs Terkel presents a program in honor of the birthday of abolitionist and African American leader Frederick Douglass, including excepts from Terkel’s 1964 interview with African-American scholar, author and social historian Lerone Bennett. Terkel reads at length from Douglass’ autobiography, "My Bondage and My Freedom," focusing on Douglass’ interactions with slave owners Hugh and Sophia Auld. The program includes multiple recordings of freedom songs and slave spirituals, including “I’m On My Way,” “Many Thousand Gone,” “Good News, de Chariot’s Coming,” “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel,” “Amazing Grace,” “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder,” and “We Shall Walk Through the Valley.”

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  2. Beth Lisick on “Drinks With Tony”

    Beth Lisick is the author of Edie On The Green Screen. It’s her debut novel and she’s also best selling NY Times author with earlier non-fiction including Everybody Into The Pool and Helping Me Help Myself.

    She’s the co-founder of the Porch Light Storytelling Series and we chat a bit about our stints as exclusive background actors for big time TV shows and films.

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