Writer Glynnis MacNicol on “The Longest Shortest Time”

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  1. Third Coast :: Own Your Thing (Part 2)

    Hillary Frank (@longestshortest) is the host and creator of WNYC’s The Longest Shortest Time, a podcast about struggles in early parenthood. She got her start in radio at This American Life back in 1999, with a story produced on a microcassette answering machine and a shiny red boom box. Ever since then she’s been filing for shows like Studio 360, All Things Considered, and Marketplace. Frank is also the author and illustrator of three young adult novels.


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  2. The Accidental Gay Parents, Episode 5

    After adopting their niece and nephew, Trystan — a transgender man — tells his partner Biff that he wants to expand their family and conceive a baby together. Which they do.

    This is the story of what it’s like to be a pregnant man, and to share that news with your parents, your children, and the world. This program is the fifth installment of

    The Longest Shortest Time’s

    series "The Accidental Gay Parents."

    "The Accidental Gay Parents" series was produced by Hillary Frank with co-producers Kristen Clark and Abigail Keel and editor Peter Clowney for

    The Longest Shortest Time

    from Stitcher.


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