Pulitzer-Prize Winning Columnist Jimmy Breslin Dies At 88

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  1. Longform Podcast #43: Margalit Fox

    Margalit Fox is a senior obituary writer for The New York Times.

    "You do get emotionally involved with people, even though as a journalist you’re not supposed to. But as a human being, how can you not? Particularly people who had difficult, tragic, poignant lives. But there are also people that you just wish you had known. And, of course, the painful irony is that you’re only getting to know them by virtue of the fact that it’s too late."


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  2. Ep. 55: Jimmy Pardo – Go Fact Yourself

    It’s a special, experimental Quarantine Edition of Go Fact Yourself recorded at our various homes and with no live audience! Jimmy Pardo is a comedian and host of the long-running podcast “Never Not Funny.” He also owns the distinction of being a guest on the very first episode of Go Fact Yourself.  When he was …Read More


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  3. Wendy Bacon on funding independent journalism | Investigate.org.au

    Wendy Bacon, investigative journalist, activist and Professor of Journalism at the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, was briefly interviewed at Melbourne Writers Festival 2013 about funding independent journalism and crowd-funding. The question came after the festival’s session on crowd funding.

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