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  1. Longform Podcast #148: Anna Holmes

    Anna Holmes, the founding editor of Jezebel, writes for The New York Times and is the editorial director of Fusion.

    “I think that Jezebel contributed to what I now call ‘outrage culture,’ but outrage culture has no sense of humor. We had a hell of a sense of humor, that’s where it splits off. … The fact that people who are incredibly intelligent and have interesting things to say aren’t given the room to work out their arguments or thoughts because someone will take offense is depressing to me.”

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  2. Jia Tolentino on the Internet’s Endless Stage | Crooked Media

    Jia Tolentino, New Yorker staff writer and author of Trick Mirror, talks to Jon about how the internet has turned life into an endless performance, why that makes politics hard and virtue signaling easy, and what being online during the pandemic has done to our collective psyche.

    New episodes of Offline with Jon Favreau drop every Sunday on the Pod Save America feed.


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  3. City Arts & Lectures presents Jia Tolentino & Jenna Wortham

    City Arts & Lectures presents Jia Tolentino & Jenna Wortham Thursday, May 7, 2020 Webcast from San Francisco

    Called “the best young essayist at work in the United States” by Rebecca Solnit, Jia Tolentino is a staff writer for The New Yorker, covering everything from the viral video app TikTok, to the ubiquitous upscale activewear brand Outdoor Voices, to Edith Wharton’s heroine and the new norm of begging celebrities to run you over with a truck. Her essay collection Trick Mirror examines religion, psychedelic drugs, weddings, the internet, and everything in between, tied together by the logic of an immensely sharp cultural critic observing and thinking hard about the world she exists within. Previously, Tolentino was the deputy editor at Jezebel and a contributing editor at the Hairpin. Her criticism has appeared in the Times Magazine, Grantland, the Awl, Pitchfork, The Fader, Time, and Slate.

    Jenna Wortham is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in medical anthropology from the University of Virginia, Wortham moved to San Francisco to work with San Francisco Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, write for SFist and later, Wired. Wortham joined The New York Times in 2008 and has since covered pop culture, technology, race, and queer identity. Her writing ha…

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  4. Bad Dog - The New Yorker Radio Hour - WNYC Studios

    In 2011, Jia Tolentino went to a dog rescue in Dallas and found Luna. Seven years later, Luna is the love of her life and the bane of her existence. The mutt jumps on visitors, bites, barks incessantly, chews through stuff, and even got Tolentino sued. After covering the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for The New Yorker, Tolentino finally came to terms with the truth: Luna is a bad dog. But are there really bad dogs, or only bad owners?


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  5. Jezebel Narcissistic Aftershock

    Because of its networking nature, when you attack the Jezebel-Narcissistic network, you may get hit unexpectedly from various areas, as Jezebel sends a signal throughout her network of demons. I call this “the aftershock.”

    An aftershock is the repercussion of going through the intense battle against a Narcissistic-Jezebel network.

    Shortly after her departure, Jezebel’s sorceries begin to noticeably rise to the surface. Constant confusion, unexplained illnesses, financial troubles, anger and depression are only a few of the signatures left behind. It’s as if she left a time bomb that is synchronize to explode just when you think it’s safe. Although Jezebel has been exposed and physically out of your life, her web is full of toxic waste designed to cause her victims to self-destruct.

    Here are some of our resources designed to help you get free from control, manipulation, intimidation and domination.

    “Harboring the Spirit of Jezebel “Caught in the Web of Destruction” - http://www.summersministries.com/product-page/a4631394-fd22-1136-caa8-1052bc023af9 “Throw Jezebel Down” - http://www.summersministries.com/product-page/6d7001e6-1558-e053-aae8-e1d9db5f5271 “Jezebels Whoredoms, Perversions & Witchcrafts” - http://www.summersministries.com/product-page/6e5c64be-3b25-bcfb-e75b-54f05edb6ae4 Deliveran…

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