Erik Hall: “Building a Modern Art Collection” | Talks at Google

This talk will be a discourse on contemporary art collecting in the West Coast marketplace. The presenter, Erik Hall, will outline established, developing and emerging trends in the value and sales of art, and give insight on how an aspiring collector can establish and develop a well-rounded and fulfilling assemblage of artworks.

The art market worldwide is currently in a period of economic boom, with more and more people adding art to their investment strategy. Indeed, art collecting is not only a captivating and exciting hobby, but also a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Although art is a highly illiquid asset, it’s extremely well-protected from depreciation and provides a reprieve from the high risk associated with some other strategies. A long history of art patrons, collectors and advocates illustrates the highly satisfying and captivating nature of the tradition; without these collectors, many of humankind’s greatest artistic achievements might not have been possible. In the current market, the two top performing categories are Impressionist and Contemporary Art, with the latter category being available within a wide range of price brackets. Collecting is a wonderful way to bring art into your life even if you yourself are not an artist. It’s a contemplative, sophisticated, and pleasurable strategy that can round out your investment portfol…

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