Marketplace on What Makes for a Successful Shopping Mall

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  1. Trends - the retail shop of the future

    The retail world is undergoing a revolution with the rise of online shopping websites. How does a shop — with bricks and mortar — transform its purpose for the 21st century shopper? How do the buyers — people who buy the clothes for us to shop — look ahead and anticipate this change; and the experience of shopping in a shop, rather than online.

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  2. Peeking Into The Future Of Retail

    He has been called "one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists" (put that in your pipe and smoke it!). For over twenty years, Doug Stephens has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, agencies and retailers helping them to achieve the success that they demand today with a keen eye on how quickly the world of retail continues to evolve. Currently, he is the founder of Retail Prophet and the author of the book, The Retail Revival. Do shopping malls have a future? How much of an impact does e-commerce have on retail and where is this all headed? How will retail figure out attribution in a world where people can shop the store while physically being there, or on their smartphone (at the same time)? How is this all going to shake out and what will the future of retail look like? This is a meaty one… enjoy the conversation…

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