NPR: The Many Sounds Of 1993 Bay Area Rap

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  1. NYC History 95: Tin Pan Alley and the birth of modern popular music

    The Bowery Boys look at where the modern music industry began…. on 28th Street? A seemingly nondescript street in midtown Manhattan contains some of the most important buildings where early American pop music was created.

    Tin Pan Alley was a bustling and frenzied area, the most creative area of the city, with songwriters — and song pluggers — churning out iconic music. Sing along as we talk about the greatest songwriters and the process they went through to create the most influential tunes of the century. (

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  2. Chuck Brown: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    The name Chuck Brown might not mean a whole lot to people outside the Washington, D.C., area. That would be their loss. In D.C., Brown is revered as the Godfather of Go-Go. So to have Brown play in a corner of the NPR Music offices with a full, plugged-in 11-member group was like a dream come true for a lot of NPR staffers.

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  3. Toadcast 25 - The Philadelphia Orchestra | Metal Toad

    Steve enjoys writing in the third person to say he is excited to be a member of Metal Toad.

    New to the Portland area, hailing from

    the midwest -Chicago and Detroit respectively- Steve looks forward to enjoying the altitudinal variation Oregon has to offer as a newlywed with his wife.

    Steve’s background in accounting, business, and the music scene has made him comfortable seeing projects from multiple viewpoints and working with a variety of people. His passions are cultural anthropology, Packers football, and outside activities.

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  4. BDWPS Podcast #43 (Music of 1973): Stooges, New York Dolls, Brian Eno, Area, John Cale, Gram Parsons, Al Green, Burning Spear, Bob Dylan

    In this episode, we take a look at the year 1973 and the music that shaped it. From punk rock to glam, from prog rock to jazz fusion, and from soul to country, this year was filled with a wide variety of definitive sounds.

    The Stooges "Search and Destroy’

    New York Dolls "Personality Crisis"

    Brian Eno "Baby’s On Fire"

    Area "Luglio, Augusto, Septiembre"

    John Cale "Paris 1919"

    Gram Parsons "A Song For You"

    Al Green "You Ought To Be With Me"

    Burning Spear "Down by the Riverside"

    Bob Dylan "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door"


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