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  1. Chiptuned: 1UP’s Game Music Blog : Crank Up the Game Tunes With This Week’s Games, Dammit!

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    This latest episode of Games, Dammit! is possibly the most intricate I’ve ever edited. It took me more than half a day to get the whole thing spliced together. But it’s all in a good cause: Bob Mackey and Marty Sliva joined me to discuss the history and current direction of game music for more than an hour. Reader commentary was also fielded. A good time was had by all. And then, I added samples of nearly every piece of music we directly referenced.

    I know a lot of people (or a few people who are very vocal about criticizing things they dislike) hate the presence of music in podcasts I put together, so I’m sure this episode will be shredded with particular ruthlessness. But music in a podcast is the equivalent of game footage in a video: It’s context, substance, flavor, a chapter break, a bookend. In this case, doubly so, since the whole point of the show is to discuss music.

    Said discussion features a most unusual turn of events in which I don’t play the role of cynical curmudgeon. Bob and Marty express considerable disappointment with contemporary game music, whereas I see more good than bad. The genre is different than it used to be, but different isn’t always bad. And, hey, we have crazy chiptune artists to keep the old ways alive.

    There’s method in the madness of this episode as well. It’s a teaser, of sorts. Beginning next week, we’ll be hosting a two-month daily voting process right here in Chiptuned in which you, the awesome readers and listeners of 1UP, will have the opportunity to pick the greatest video game tune of all time (or at least the greatest from our arbitrary list of selections). I’m sincerely looking forward to seeing (and hearing) which song you’ll select.

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