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  1. MPU 085: Paperless | Mac Power Users

    David and Katie talk about David’s Paperless book and the best tools and software to go paperless with your Mac and iOS devices.

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    Links of noteDavid’s Paperless Field GuideDavid’s Article about the new bookScanSnapNeatScannerDoxie GoScanner ProJotNotHazelDavid’s Print to PDF PostEvernoteMPU Evernote ShowPDFpenGoodReaderPDF ExpertAdobe Acrobat X ProPDFpen for iPadPDF ExpertArrsync

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  2. Episode #10 – Financial Freedom and Exiting the Rat Race with Jake Desyllas – Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast

    Show Notes

    Jake Desyllas is the host of The Voluntary Life, a podcast about entrepreneurship, financial independence, and freedom. In 2000, he founded Intelligent Space, an award-winning consultancy firm that led innovation in the field of pedestrian movement simulation and analysis. In 2010, he sold his business, quit the rat race, and retired early at the age of thirty-eight.

    He has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctorate and is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship both as an effective personal liberation program that is available to everyone, and as a peaceful method of solving social problems.

    2:23 – Background in Pedestrian computer modeling and simulation

    4:07 – What is Pedestrian movement?

    6:45 – Transitioning from University theory to becoming an Entrepreneur

    10:23 – Graduated with PhD.

    Let’s build a business…

    12:12 – Now that you control all of your time, what has changed?

    12:26 – “Starting a business is the most intense personal development program you can put yourself through”

    13:25 – Is entrepreneurial experience better than an MBA?

    15:00 – You’ve GOT to be able to SELL.

    Without selling your product, you are nothing.

    15:48 – Oh uh!

    Jake is burning through money while trying to learn how to sell and what his customers actually want

    17:42 – Selling is Learning!!

    19:29 – Exiting and selling his first company.

    What did Jake’s life change afterwards?

    21:09 – Jake’s first book (and one of my favorites) “Becoming an Entrepreneur”

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  3. Sources and Methods #23: Beeminder — Sources & Methods

    Beeminder BlogBeeminder ForumDaniel Reeves (twitter / github / beeminder goals / Messy Matters blog)Bethany Soule (homepage / twitter / github) Show Notes:3:10 - Alex’s Arabic routine 4:35 - Quantified SelfSources and Methods talks Quantified Self with Ernesto Ramirez 5:40 - MathematicaBeeminder’s Yellow Brick Road 7:08 - UVI goals (blogpost)UVI Beeminder goalUVI twitter account 8:10 - Tagtime (Google Android Store)“TagTime: Stochastic Time Tracking for Space Cadets” 8:47 - RescueTimeRescueTime and Beeminder (integration)“Beeminder ♥ RescueTime” 10:35 - PhDs and Beeminder 12:09 - Nick WinterNick Winter book, The Motivation HackerNick Winter’s Beeminder account 16:10 - Hyperbolic discounting (wiki)“Flexible Self-Control” (Messy Matters) 19:27 - Willpower (list of books)Baumeister’s ego depletion model (wiki)Carol Dweck’s counterargumentsAkrasia (wiki)Akrasia (Messy Matters)Beeminder Blog (posts tagged with ‘Akrasia’) 22:45 - OKRs and goals 23:00 - “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life”Scott Adams - “Goals are for Losers. Passion is Bull$%&#”Scott Adams - “Goals vs. Systems”“systems for ever increasing awesomeness” 24:20 - SMART goals (wiki)SMART(ER) goals Beeminder blogpost 27:30 - “trying to avoid the question of willpower”“Beating Beeminder Burnout” 29:30 - Success SpiralsNick Winter - “Spiralling Into Control” 30:25 - “The Road Dial and the Akrasia Horizon” 31:00 - Habitica (formerly known as HabitRPG)Beeminder’s list of their competitors 33:45 - Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit34:05 - Buster Benson - “Behaviour change is belief change”35:40 - BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits36:00 - Pavlok37:00 - Negative reinforcement (wiki)39:10 - Beeminder bracelet 39:45 - Mark Forster’s To Do List systemThe various versions of Mark Forster’s systems 41:05 - Beemind.meTrello fading cards (aging) 41:50 - GTD Review 42:35 - Bargaining in relationships“For Love and/or Money: Financial Autonomy in Marriage”“The Couple That Pays Each Other to Put Kids to Bed” 43:05 - Game Theory (wiki)43:40 - Fox News - “Could bidding on chores help your marriage?”45:35 - “Beeminder’s Youngest User”

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  4. In The Dust Of This Planet - Radiolab

    Horror, fashion, and the end of the world … the undercurrents of thought that link nihilists, philosophers, Jay-Z and True Detective.

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