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  1. 234. Ann Leckie (a.k.a. Singularitrix) — Ancillary Sword (An Interview) | The Skiffy and Fanty Show

    Space voyeurs, interstellar empire shenanigans, and tea, oh my!  The always incredible Ann Leckie takes over the show once more to discuss Ancillary Sword, the much anticipated sequel to the multi-award winning Ancillary Justice.  We discuss writing sequels and handling audience expectations, the changes in the Ancillary "universe," gender and sexuality, empire (duh), and, well, a little…

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  2. 017: with Steve Klabnik

    Steve Klabnik is one of the co-creators of the JSON API, a Ruby committer, RUST advocate, and all around nice person. We talked to him about the background of JSON API, RUST (the language, not the game), and a bit of philosophy.

    Download: .mp3, .ogg, .opus

    Show notes:

    Rust for Rubyists book

    Rust language reference

    Mozilla's servo engine

    Go language reference

    JSON API site

    Dan Gebhardt

    HAL - Hypertext Application Language

    Balanced payments

    Collection+ format

    Gluglug X60 - laptop certified by the Free Software Foundation

    Steve uses this

    @steveklabnik - goes straight into his brain :)

    Email: steve (at) steveklabnik (dot) com

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