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  1. Deep Work and Focus — With Special Guest, Cal Newport — Shawn Blanc

    Design, tech, writing, and other creative matters.

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  2. 5by5 | Hypercritical #3: The Mouse is Not a Finger

    John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin do some follow-up on the topic of backups, then talk about Mac OS X Lion and the future of Mac OS X.

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  3. 5by5 | Hypercritical #2: Backup Vortex

    John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin tie up some loose ends from the TV show before talking about backups, the onus on Apple to make them work, Apple’s past and present attempts, the failings of external hard drives, personal backup regimes, and online backups.

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  4. 5by5 | Hypercritical #1: Dream Crusher

    John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin discuss the sad state of TV technology, why TiVo sucks (but is still better than the alternatives), and why Apple has demurred.

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  5. The Rough Elements of an Annual Plan | The Weekly Briefly

    For the last episode of 2014, I wanted to talk about planning for the next year. It’s not nearly as lame or tedious as it sounds — in fact, it’s something my wife and I have done for the past 3 years and we look forward to it.

    A good annual plan should help you:

    identify what you want to do

    identify what you don’t want to do

    discover what you need to do

    And then, give yourself permission and freedom to do those things you want and need to and stop doing those things which you don’t want/need to do.

    Sponsored by

    Yosemite: The Apple conference with a view.

    The awesome members of Their support makes the work I do a sustainable possibility.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 17:49 — 12.3MB)

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  6. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen | 43 Folders (2006)

    As promised, here’s the single-file compilation of the Productive Talk podcast interviews I did with David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. The final version’s eight episodes clock in at a

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  7. Vector 23: Matt Drance on Apple marketing | iMore

    Matt Drance, former Apple evangelist and current Apple Outsider talks to Rene about how Apple’s approach to outbound and product marketing differs from other consumer electronics companies.

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  8. 5by5 | Mac Power Users #155: Jason Snell Returns

    Katie and David sit down again with Jason Snell of Macworld/PC World and TechHive to discuss how his workflows have evolved since our last episode. We talk about managing email and tasks, his preference for smaller devices, writing novels, podcasting and

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  9. 5by5 | Amplified #72: I Have to Shiv a Guy at 7

    This week, Jim is joined by Back to Work’s Merlin Mann to talk about hands-on experiences with Apple’s new iPhone 5s and 5c and iOS 7.

    Including a deep dive on Touch ID; how easier security measures could boost iTunes sales; Jim’s new-found photo skills with the 5s camera; what Jim looks for in the wiring under his wood; and more.

    Special guest Merlin Mann.

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  10. 5by5 | Mac Power Users #153: Hardware Development with Geoff Barrall

    Katie and David talk hardware development, conceptualization, design and production with the CEO of Drobo, Geoff Barrall.

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