MacVoices #14048: Road to Macworld - Brett Terpstra Explains How to Do More and Work Less - MacVoices

The Road to Macworld takes us to Brett Terpstra, who will be presenting a session that will benefit everyone: The Efficient Mac User – OS X Tips for Getting More Done with Less Work. Brett outlines some of the tools and techniques he will be sharing, and how everyone can be more productive, no matter what their skill level. Brett also discusses his recent transition to independent contractor, and why he feels the need to give away so much of his work.

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Brett Terpstra is a coder, writer and web developer. He works behind the scenes at blogs including Engadget, Joystiq and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. He also writes for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and contributes to Macworld. Brett develops Marked for Mac and recently co-authored “60 Mountain Lion Tips” with David Sparks for the iBookstore. He discusses all things “nerd” on his podcast, Systematic. You can find Brett as “ttscoff” on Twitter and, and at his website,


Brett’s Macworld/iWorld Session: The Efficient Mac User – OS X Tips for Getting More Done with Less Work 

60 Mac Tips, Volume 1 – David Sparks & Brett Terpstra