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  1. The Talk Show #8: Cyberdog on 5by5

    John Gruber, Dan Benjamin, and special guest Adam Lisagor discuss the new Twitter, Apple’s social music network Ping, Gamecenter, Cyberdog, iOS 4.2 on the iPad, Cracker Jack, and more.

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  2. Personal aesthetics and internet culture: Put This On creators Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor

    Colin Marshall talks to Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor, creators of the new men’s style web series and blog Put This On, which explore all facets of the art of “dressing like a grown-up.” Thorn is also the host of Public Radio International’s The Sound of Young America as well as the comedy podcast Jordan Jesse Go; Lisagor is also a co-host and producer of the comedy podcast You Look Nice Today.

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