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  1. How to Read More Books

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  2. Jeff Geerling: Software Developer and Creator of the Pi Dramble

    If this was a certain 90s show, this episode would be called, “The One About The Raspberry Pis.” Jeff Geerling, software developer, author, and lover of all things open source is our guest.

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  3. Beyond Today - Brexit: nearly done?


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  4. Against Free Speech Absolutism

    A hard look at the assumptions under-girding free speech absolutism.

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  5. Don’t Be Fooled By The Talking Horse — ‘BoJack’ Is A Sadness ‘Sneak Attack’

    BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg says part of the pitch for the Emmy-nominated animated show was, "What’s Mister Ed like behind the scenes?" Originally broadcast Oct. 17, 2018.

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  6. Seriously… - The Courage of Ambivalence

    In an age of certainty, of assertions without facts, and sometimes assertions with facts, Mark O’Connell makes the case for a different virtue – ambivalence. Six years on from his thought-provoking, witty and charming Four Thought, he returns to make the case for ambivalence. In those six years almost every trend in public life has been away from ambivalence rather than towards it. Populist movements from the left and the right are about certainty, and even the idea of balance often ends up sharing single, entrenched views, just neatly arrayed on either side. Yet in real life few decisions are truly clear-cut, there is often a case on both sides, and a reasonable person could easily reach a different conclusion with the same evidence. Most of us, much of the time, have complex and mutually contradictory views on issues small and large. And that’s also true in public life: the arts and business, politics and the military are all properly in the realm of ambivalence, with complicated, messy and marginal decisions. Mark begins this programme in Dublin, speaking to a philosopher, a psychologist, an essayist and an art critic about what ambivalence is, how central it is to the human experience, and how we might embrace it. Then he travels to London, to examine areas of public life, and issues, where ambivalence feels less comfortable, more challenging. But as someone who is profoundly ambivalent about most things, much of the time, can he sustain the courage of his own ambivalence?

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  7. Don’t like Facebook? Try building your own social network

    A computer programmer has a how-to guide to make your own social network.

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  8. Notebook on Cities and Culture S4E59: Walk, Don’t Brunch with Shawn Micallef

    In Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village, Colin Marshall talks to Shawn Micallef, editor and co-owner of Spacing magazine, Toronto Star columnist, and author of such books as Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto and The Trouble with Brunch. They discuss his first “long, deliberate” walk in Toronto, which happened by accident; what, exactly, caused this trouble with brunch; his youth in Windsor and his discovery of the middle class in Toronto, which brunches routinely; the death threats his anti-brunch stance has drawn; the difficulty of knowing what class you fit into in the 21st century; choosing flights over children; how Oz-like Toronto looked from back in Windsor; those who stayed behind for the “good money,” and what potential they may not have realized as a result; how he began “unpeeling the layers” of Toronto, and how he discovered that infinite peelability defines a great city; the “magical lightness” he discovered upon leaving his car at home; how Toronto doesn’t quite know what it has, thinking of itself as a midwestern city more along the lines of Indianapolis; how he developed his obsession with Los Angeles (and how Toronto’s 401 freeway surpassed any of Los Angeles’ for congestion); why Torontonians insist upon Toronto’s and “do not own their Toronto-ness”; Toronto and Los Angeles as cities without stories written in stone, because their people write them even now; the ten-year project behind Stroll; why he finds strip malls the most interesting places in the city, and what drove “actual multiculturalism” out to them; Rob Ford as the “kick in the ass” Toronto may have needed; what you learn when you explore a city at walking speed; and his personal mission to get to know his hometown again, not by car, but on foot.

    Download the interview here as an MP3 or on iTunes.

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  9. Could Toronto’s fight against Ontario lead to independence?

    Becoming a Charter City is not the same thing as seceding from Ontario. But it’s close: A legislative move that would give the city far more control of its own governance and finances. A community meeting about the possibility last week packed a large church to the bursting point and drew standing ovations for councillors…


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  10. Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe” from an Asian-American Perspective: Details You Might’ve Missed

    @davechensky and @joyofnapping discuss the new Netflix romantic comedy "Always Be My Maybe" (starring Randall Park and Ali Wong), discuss what the film gets right about the Asian-American experience, and dive into details you might have missed. What are some details from the film that you appreciated? Share in the comments below.

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