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  1. Religion and Secularism in Canadian Law - Ian Bushfield BC Humanist Association

    For an audio-only version of this talk (with better sound quality) go to the BC Humanists site.

    The Canadian constitution does not have a formal establishment clause separating church and state as the USA does, so can Canada be considered a secular country? In this presentation, BC Humanist Association Executive Director Ian Bushfield will argue that Canada’s unique legal and political history, coupled with a forward-looking Charter of Rights and Freedoms and judiciary, has resulted in more robust protections for the nonreligious and state neutrality than presently exist in America. Bushfield will walk through several of the major legal cases in Canadian religious law, from Big M Drug Mart to Saguenay and Trinity Western University. Along the way, he’ll highlight how secular activists and humanist organizations have increasingly made their voices heard through the justice system and identify several issues on the horizon.

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  2. Twitter Blocked Tracy Chou’s Anti-Harassment App. Now She Wants to Fix Your Browser.

    When we had Tracy Chou on the show in 2021, she was rolling out software to give users a revolutionary toolset to block harassment on Twitter, and she was doing it with the Twitter corporation’s help. Fast forward to today, when she’s one of Time Magazine’s 2022 Women of the Year and her work has… Continue reading 82. Twitter Blocked Tracy Chou’s Anti-Harassment App. Now She Wants to Fix Your Browser.

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  3. The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse

    Clickbait Title: I spent three months living in the metaverse and now I'm starving

    The metaverse salespeople have a weird fixation with Animal Crossing, in specific. The number of times we saw New Horizons specifically cited as an example of the metaverse was bizarre, like it was their first time experiencing a multiplayer game that wasn't CoD and it melted their brains.

    Written by Dan Olson and Nathan Landel

    Produced and performed by Dan Olson

    Nathan Twitter: Dan Twitter:


    00:00:00 Chapter 1 - Welcome to Decentraland 00:05:31 Chapter 2 - The Metaverse 00:21:35 Chapter 3 - The Dead Mall of the Future 01:06:27 Chapter 4 - Clap your Hands or Tinkerbell Dies 01:22:02 Chapter 5 - A Child’s Vision of Governance 01:38:05 Chapter 6 - A Magic Circle

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  4. React.js: The Documentary

    React is easily one of the single most popular libraries in use today. Given that it was made within a juggernaut like Facebook, you might have assumed it was always destined for success.

    What if we told you that React’s first brush with the public sphere was anything but glamorous? React.js: The Documentary brings you the full story behind the early days of React, focusing on the dedicated group of developers who helped bring it to the world stage. This story is told by an all-star cast of developers like Tom Occhino, Christopher Chedeau, Pete Hunt, Sebastian Markbåge, Dan Abramov, and many more.

    Check out the home for untold developer stories around open source, careers and all the other cool stuff developers are doing at

    Honeypot is a developer-focused job platform, on a mission to get developers great jobs. Wanna see what we're all about? Visit to find a job you love.

    To learn more about Honeypot:

    Follow the amazing cast: Adam Wolff: Andrew Clark: Christopher Chedeau: Dan Abramov: David Nolen: Lee Byron: Michael Chan: https://twi

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