Ultimate Raspberry Pi Build | Ham Radio

Hello Operators. Each of us has a different idea about what the ultimate raspberry pi build would be or look like. For my station, reducing the cable mess, replacing a large audio interface with a low cost usb audio codec, and creating a lightweight, energy efficient configuration for ham radio data mode operations. Also important was getting my raspberry pi to work off os 12 volts, just like my Yaesu FT-818 and Yaesu FT-891. In this video, we will go through all the hardward, hardware mods, hats, and software used to make this station the ultimate rasberry pi build for ham radio data modes in the field.

73 Julian #oh8stn

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00:00 Intro 01:22 Strategy & Goals 02:19 Manufacturers don't understand 02:46 Dump the audio interface 04:54 CAT Control & audio cables 06:38 Dump the USB power cable 07:15 12v DC external power 08:26 Location and Time 11:05 Connecting with any device without wires. 13:51 Wireless Access point 15:40 Ham Radio Manufacturers don't get it! 16:21 Enclosures & field ops 18:18 AmRRon Setup scripts for Raspberry Pi 22:30 Raspberry Pi powered Rigs 27:10 DRAWS Hat NWDR 29:45 PiJuice Hat 31:35 Raspberry Pi goes to Lapland 32:15 Final thoughts

Mentioned in the video: OH8STN Raspberry Pi Pages http://oh8stn.org/off-grid-raspberry-pi/


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