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Hello Operators This is the second video in our Winlink Email series, Asynchronous Ham Radio for Preppers (or Ham Radio for Preparedness). In this episode, we will be making a Winlink Peer to peer P2P connection, without internet or any intermediate stations, to send and receive winlink email with another station (OH7T). Teme OH7T and I will be using Vara HF on 80 meters, to make an NVIS range P2P connection between our stations, 275.61 km (172.256 miles), bearing 135.9 degrees. Todays Winlink HF setup is Windows 10 running Winlink express with a Xiegu G90 and Vara HF. Winlink email is a great and cost effective alternative to the sailmail email over HF Radio system.

In our previous video ( ) using Winlink Email for asynchronous communications off grid, we demonstrated sending emails to people who may not be ham radio operators themselves. We do this while being completely off grid.

73 Julian #oh8stn #hamradio

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