Email over Ham Radio | Portable Winlink Net Check-in

Hello Operators In this episode of OH8STN Ham Radio, we will send email over ham radio to check-in to the Great Lakes Winlink Net using Vara HF and Winlink Express. This a portable winlink email session. We are operating from KP25PC about 7.5km from my home QTH. There is no movie magic, or timelapse, so that you can see the process from start to finish, including band fading, QRM, and the adaptive nature of vara HF during a Winlink session.

Winlink is a method of sending email over ham radio. It is similar to your GMail email, but it is sent and received of ham radio frequencies. Vara HF is a High Performance HF modem andone of the ham radio digital modes in common use with Winlink Email. It is based on OFDM modulation. 73 Julian oh8stn share video url:

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