Ham Radio & Raspberry Pi FAQ

Hello Radio Operators. in today's video, we will be answering many of the questions you all have asked about my #RaspberryPi. The Raspberry Pi software and mods in the videos are running on Yaesu FT-891 and Yaesu FT-817 HF radios, but the RPi could work just as well with an Icom or Kenwood ham radios as well. About the only thing I am not doing with the Raspberry Pi for ham radio is using it for Echolink, because Echolink is not ham radio Hi Hi.

73 Julian #oh8stn

video url: https://youtu.be/BcMMlGvPCsw

Mentioned in the video. Raspberry Pi articales by OH8STN https://oh8stn.org/blog/tag/raspberry-pi/

Page dedicated to the Raspberry Pi on my website: http://oh8stn.org/off-grid-raspberry-pi/

Portable Power for the Raspberry Pi https://oh8stn.org/blog/2018/09/27/portable-off-grid-power-for-the-raspberry-pi/

Headless Raspberry Pi https://oh8stn.org/blog/2017/12/23/digital-modes-with-rpi3-by-shawn-morgan-wofw/

Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi access point https://oh8stn.org/blog/2018/08/13/x-days-off-grid-radio-raspberry-pi-prerequisites/

Raspberry Pi Mini Bluetooth Keyboard https://amzn.to/2Qp9BzZ

GPS Time Sync https://oh8stn.org/blog/2018/08/13/off-grid-clock-sync-on-raspberry-pi-ublox-usb-gps/

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcMMlGvPCsw
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