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  1. The Popecast: A History of the Papacy: The “Pope” from Kansas (Pope Michael)

    Now, here at The Popecast we normally cover those men who are considered to be “valid popes” – that is, a legitimate part of the unbroken line of succession in the Roman Catholic Church that began when Jesus gave the keys to Peter and, as is commonly understood, sits now with Pope Francis.

    And while there have been grandiose antipopes throughout history – men who we may one day talk about in more detail – today’s subject is another case entirely. Few may know about the man from Kansas who claimed to be pope, and unironically so.

    Recently he died, so today’s episode will tell the story of and serve as a tribute for David Bawden, the man who for the past 32 years had – by his estimation – reigned over the true Catholic Church as Pope Michael.

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  2. Cultivate

    April Fools Day [0:00-9:40]April fools day used to be a fun day but has the tech industry ruined it? We recorded on April 1st and there appears to be a lot of malaise and resentment towards companies for doing this. Its devaluing any real news that breaks today. Google makes there's fun, like the Pokemon stuff in Google maps, which is more in keeping with the spirit of the "holiday" but the majority seems to be "here's an unbelievable news story…haha gotcha" this lead to a brief discussion about Tweetbot mute filters.More leaks for a bigger iPhone [09:40-17:12]The latest leaks coming out of china indicate that there will be 2 new iPhone sizes. A 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch that will be launched months apart. Is this size actually better? Is there any value to be had for having a bigger screen size? Jamie hopes that if Apple does go bigger they do it in a way that doesn't affect the feel of the device. Android phones with bigger screens are just too big and difficult to hold and the trade offs generally outweigh the benefits. Microsoft Office for iPad [17:12 - 31:27]Neither Jamie nor Ben uses Microsoft office but this says more about the iPad and Microsoft than it does about just the software. This has apparently been ready to ship since 2012 and was heavily rumoured to launch along side the iPad 3. Did Steve Balmer hold it back in favour of Surface being the only tablet that does real work? They've marketed that pretty heavily but now they seem to have thrown in with Apple and admitted (despite their protestations) that it is in fact possible to do real work on an iPad. Satya Nadella has done more in his first 60 days to get Jamie excited than Balmer managed in the last 6 years. 

    Links Jamie's SiteWord for iPadExcel for iPad PowerPoint for iPad OneNote for iPadHosts Jamie on Twitter Ben on Twitter

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