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  1. Chatting with Kent Web Host

    We got an email through to Clearleft from someone pointing out a certain similarity between our website:

    …and the website for a company called Kent Web Host:

    Hmmm …perhaps Clearleft were unconsciously influenced by Kent Web Host!

    Just to set the record straight, I gave them a call.

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  2. The Rissington Podcast #11

    The Texpattern appreciation episode or, if you prefer, the diss Paul Boag episode.

    This episode’s linky-poos:
        Bite Size Standards
        Unlimited Custom Fields plugin for Textpatterm
        Unlimited Categories plugin for Textpattern
        TextCommerce ecommerce for Textpattern, currently in Alpha
        Trading Eye ecommerce solution
        Fontstuct online font creator.
        Fontforge open source font editor
        Fontlab Studio the professional font editor app.
        Angel Delight DON’T MIX WITH FRUIT!
        Nice cup of tea and a sit down
        Textpattern Resources
        Textpattern tag list
        Textpattern Tumblelog plugin
        Dancing priest

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  3. The Rissington Podcast #20

    Stupidly, we recorded this one when we were both knackered, and it shows. It’s the longest we’ve done yet, and we’ve had to edit it to within an inch of it’s life to make it vaguely listenable! Anyway, for better or for worse, here’s episode 20!

        Mark Boulton’s Designing for the Web, the best book we’ve seen in a long time. It’s a triumph!
        We’re moving away from the RAF base at Rissington to the cute Cotswold town of Burford
        The lovely folks at Sitepoint have given us 5 copies of Ian Lloyds “How to build your first website the right way using HTML and CSS” to give away. We also endorse this book. Email us by March 28th with suggestions for a new name for the podcast!
        Simon Clayson’s IE6 filtering technique as used on this site.
         The Tweed Run mentioned by Mr Dennis
        Places to visit near Moreton-in-the-Marsh Batsford Arboretum, Wellington Aviation Museum and Stow on the Wold
        Dude a day, which one are you?
        Butter Label
        The RYDA Bear
        Beep! Beep! It’s Chav Pingu
        Cheeky Monkey was also mentioned
        Jason Santa Maria’s Recommended Books
        Mister Nice Hands
        Robin Reliant made into raft

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  4. London IA Podcast with Cennydd Bowles

    In the latest London IA Podcast we host a wide-ranging conversation with Cennydd Bowles on moving from user experience design to digital product designer, what it takes to develop visual design skills, freelancing, A List Apart, writing a book, conference speaking and of course that legendary animal of European folklore.

    Hosted by Matthew Solle and Andrew Travers. Produced by Will Myddelton and Matthew Solle.

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  5. Beyond Mobile: Making Sense of a Post-PC World

    Native applications are a remnant of the Jurassic period of computer history. We will look back on these past 10 years as the time we finally grew out of our desktop mindset and started down the path of writing apps for an infinite number of platforms. As the cost of computation and connectivity plummets, manufacturers are going to put 'interactivity' into every device. Some of this will be trivial: my power adaptor knows it's charging history. Some of it will be control related: my television will be grand central for my smart home. But at it's heart, we'll be swimming in world where every device will have 'an app'. What will it take for us to get here, what technologies will it take to make this happen?

    This talk will discuss how the principles of the open web must apply not only to prototocols but to hardware as well. How can we build a 'DNS for hardware' so the menagerie of devices has a chance for working together?

    Scott Jenson used to work at Apple, developing the Human Interface guidelines and working on the Newton, no less. He also worked at Symbian and Google so he knows all about mobile devices of all kinds.

    Scott is currently Creative Director at Frog Design where he has been writing about the coming zombie apocalypse.

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  6. Jeremy chatting with Richard, Josh, Laura, and Elliot

    Jeremy Keith chatting with Richard Rutter, Josh Emerson, Laura Kalbag, and Elliot Jay Stocks at the Responsive Day Out in Brighton on March 1st.

    The Responsive Day Out is an affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.

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