Kent Beck On The FIRST Testing Frameworks, TDD, Waterfall & MORE | The Engineering Room Ep. 16

In this episode of the Engineering Room, Dave Farley and Kent Beck have a wide-ranging discussion about the return of waterfall development in software, TDD, Software Design and lots of other things along the way.

Kent Beck is the first signatory of the Agile Manifesto. He is the author of the industry-changing book "Extreme Programming Explained". Kent popularised Continuous Integration and TDD and wrote the first version of xUnit, the unit testing framework that has informed the design of unit testing frameworks ever since.

It is hard to imagine people who aren't familiar with Kent Beck's work, but even if that is the case, his work has had an impact on how you think about, and practice software development and software engineering.



🔗 "TCR (Test && Commit || Revert)", Kent Beck: ➡️ 🔗 "Tidy First", Kent Beck: ➡️ 🔗 Small Steps - "Explore, Expand, Extract", Kent Beck: ➡️



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