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  1. Dr. Darya and Kevin Rose Talk Meditation Retreats, Diet, Natto, Seasonal Eating and More

    In this episode, Dr. Rhonda Patrick chats with Dr. Darya Rose and Kevin Rose. They chat about Darya’s fascinating experience on a 10-day silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center where she spent around 7 hours a day doing seated meditation, intermingled with another 6 hours a day of walking meditation. They discuss the biological significance of mindfulness while eating, unlocking the mysteries of blood glucose by actually testing your response to foods, or, in Kevin’s case, food AND alcoholic beverages. Kevin talks about his experiments with a ketogenic diet featuring large amounts of vegetables combined with fats to drive his ketosis and other ideas and projects he is working on. They also discuss how intermittent fasting and how intermittent fasting functions as a beneficial hormetic stressor that activates gene expression changes that can actually make you more resilient and much more!

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