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  1. #1506 Joe De Sena’s Spartan Race is soooooo much bigger than I thought

    When I first heard I could have Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race as a guest I almost passed. I thought it was a small, novelty obstacle race, not a real business.

    I may never have been more wrong in the history of Mixergy.

    The Spartan business generates over $100 million per year. And the race is so much tougher than the 10k footraces that

    most people think are challenging.

    You have to hear this interview.

    Joe De Sena is the founder of Spartan Race, innovating obstacle course races on a global scale.

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  2. Ep 27: Jason Fried: Signal vs. Noise — Less Work, More Production

    Jason Fried is Co-Founder and CEO of Basecamp, a leading project management tool that has helped over 2.5 million users improve their organizational skills. Basecamp was founded in 1999 and today it has over 2.5 million users (including, full disclosure, the Work and Life podcast team). Jason writes a monthly column for Inc. Magazine, called “Get Real,” where he discusses his points of view on business and gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. The Basecamp company is known for designing beautiful web applications, offering a monthly stipend for massages, encouraging employees to work no more than 40 hours per week, and paying for vacations — not just the time off, but the actual vacations.

    Stew and Jason discuss the importance of being mindful and strategic about choosing how to invest your attention as a leader. They discuss the importance of uninterrupted time at work and the general unhelpfulness of meetings.

    Jason talks about how he and his team have positioned themselves in the “problem avoidance” business, in part by constraining their growth as a company over the year and in contrast to the generally accepted practice of pursuing growth no matter what the cost.

    Jason offers a vision of clarity in a marketplace cluttered with the counterproductive noise businesses too often generate themselves.

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  3. Building The Perfect Cup of Coffee (Season 5, Episode 10)

    Mokhtar Alkhanshali is trying to produce the perfect cup of coffee. And he’s trying to do it with beans grown in the midst of an active war zone in Yemen. Despite those challenges, his company’s first batch earned rave reviews, and sold for $16 a cup at one of the fanciest coffee chains around. But can he turn that early success into a profitable business, or will the challenges of trying to achieve perfection using a supply chain that starts halfway around the world do his young company in?


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  4. More Cheese, Less Whiskers

    Marketing podcast with Dean Jackson (Click to play or right click and “Save As” to download – Subscribe now via iTunes or subscribe via other RSS device (Google Listen)

    Karl Palutke via Flickr

    The human brain is very similar to that of the mouse. That’s why so much research is conducted using mice. Much like our brain, the mouse is wired for pretty much two things – get cheese, avoid cat.

    When we attempt to sell something to a prospect we look very much like the cat, no matter what our intentions. Buyers are wired to view sellers as cats and even the greatest deal in the world may go unnoticed because of our whiskers are showing.

    The job of the marketer is to offer cheese and build trust, not in a manipulative way, but in a way that allows the buyer to put down their guard long enough to understand that you do indeed have something that will benefit.

    This approach takes a change in mind shift, but it can color the way you approach marketing entirely.

    It requires you to have the client’s best interest first and foremost in mind. It requires you develop the ultimate customer experience first. It requires you to create ways for them to experience results without risk. It requires you to develop ways to show them how they can make money before they ever have to spend money.

    See, everyone in every company has permission to bring money in, but generally only a select few have permission to spend money. In fact, some organizations have people that feel it’s their job to shield the boss from anyone trying to sell them something.

    So, how can you position your product as a way to make money, not spend money?

    In this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I visit with copywriter and information marketer extraordinaire, Dean Jackson. Jackson is one of the most sought out marketers in the real estate world and is well-known for his “more cheese, less whiskers” take on lead generation.

    In this episode he outlines several case studies in which he applies the customer’s best interest approach and produces incredible results where the sales only approach had failed miserably.

    Let me add for emphasis, while I’m suggesting that the shift in thinking that Jackson presents is a powerful way to approach lead generation and conversion, it will only work if you have a product or service that truly does provide massive value – otherwise your cheese is just bait and switch.

    Listen to this recording and Jackson’s simple approach several times. Don’t let the simplicity escape you, this is one of the most profound marketing lessons you’ll ever get, precisely because it is so simple.

    Go to work on creating the ultimate customer experience, make your business whisker free and start generating greater results from your lead generation efforts.

    You can hear Dean talk about it in even greater depth on the ILoveMarketing podcast.

    You can listen to the show by subscribing the feed in iTunes or a variety of other free services such as Google Listen (Use this RSS feed) or you can buy the Duct Tape Marketing iPhone app. (iTunes link – Cost is $2.99) or Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

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  5. How to Scale a Solo Consultancy with Nick Disabato

    Every solo professional eventually has to make a decision. Do you scale up by hiring staff? Or do you stay solo and find other ways to grow?

    The default path used to be hiring staff. But there’s another option that’s becoming more common. Many consultants are opting to stay solo (or at least very small) and grow their bottom line by selling productized services and products such as books and courses.

    Nick Disabato is one of those people. Nick’s popular A/B testing service, Draft Revise, is often the go to case study in the productized consulting world. But outside of Draft Revise, Nick has a host of other offerings — including books, courses, and even a paid newsletter — that diversify his revenue and create demand for his core service.

    In this interview, Nick and I pull back the curtains on how he built Draft into what it is today. You’ll pick up some battle tested tips you can use to grow your own service business, whether you choose to stay solo or not.

    Listen here…

    How to Scale a Solo Consultancy with Nick DisabatoAhmad Munawar


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