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  1. 43f Podcast: John Gruber & Merlin Mann

    SxSW ’09 - Gruber & Mann - HOWTO: 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility! (audio mp3, free on iTunes) My pal, John Gruber (from, and I presented a talk at South by Southwest Interactive on Saturday,

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  2. John Gruber & Merlin Mann’s Blogging Panel at SxSW 2009

    John Gruber ( and Merlin Mann ( discuss the current state of blogging as a medium for creative expression, weighing the opportunities and challenges of building a thoughtful online presence in a world where everybody owns a printing press. They’ll consider the ascendance of Digg-friendly "problogs" and debate the subtler pleasures of careful writing that reaches smaller, but potentially less "profitable" audiences. SXSWPODCASTS/031409PM1Lv4Rm18_Turbocharge Your Blog.mp3

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