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  1. Episode #135: Isaac Childres and Gloomhaven | The Game Design Round Table

    Episode #135: Isaac Childres and Gloomhaven


    Dirk and Rob sit down with game designer Isaac Childres to talk about his self-published and Kickstarted game Gloomhaven. Rob seems to have found the game he’s been looking for all along and has plenty of questions for Isaac, who has published several games on his own and appears to be looking at a hit with Gloomhaven.

    Contact Info

    Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Dirk@Knemeyer.comRob Daviau -@RobDaviauGamer,

    Isaac Childres – @cephalofair,

    Episode Outline

    0:00:19 – Gloomhaven

    0:06:43 – Retirement mechanic

    0:14:06 – Inspirations for Gloomhaven

    0:27:40 – Publishing

    0:33:12 – Previous games

    0:42:51 – Publishing lessons learned

    0:50:23 – Upcoming games

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