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    This podcast is intended as a peek behind the curtain at Plaid Hat Games. The show is hosted by Alex Eding with frequent

    appearances by Colby Dauch - Owner of Plaid Hat Games, Game designers Mr. Bistro, Isaac Vega, and Jerry Hawthorne, and many

    more including Brian Beyke, James Sitz, Dave Richards, and Peter Wocken.


    Episode 174

    All About Ashes

    Alex grills Isaac about ashes with special guests Bob and Joe. Hilarity ensues.

    Episode 173

    Game Design Challenges

    Colby, Isaac, Jerry, and Peter talk about the challenges in their current designs.

    Episode 172

    The State of Summoner Wars

    Brian is joined by SW aficionados Frank, Christy, and James to talk about where Alliances has taken summoner wars.

    Episode 171

    Games we Keep Coming Back to

    Colby hosts and talks to Bistro, Dave, and Nate about games we always come back to and why!

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