How Your Surroundings Ignite Your Creativity (And What To Do About It)

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  1. Eric Weiner: “The Geography of Genius” | Talks at Google

    New York Times best-selling author Eric Weiner visited Google’s Mountain View campus to discuss his new book, "The Geography of Genius."

    In his previous New York Times bestseller The Geography of Bliss (2008), Eric Weiner searched for the happiest places in the world. Now, in "The Geography of Genius," he sets out to examine the connection between our surroundings and our most innovative ideas.

    Weiner writes: “The toddler steps of incremental innovation don’t earn you a patent, or the title of genius. Only a leap does. The question that intrigues someone such as myself, a creature of geography and a student of history, is not simply what these leaps look like but where, and when, they take place… certain places, at certain times, produced a bumper crop of brilliant minds and good ideas. The question is why.”

    In an attempt to find the answer, Weiner travels the globe exploring the history of ancient Athens, Song Dynasty Hangzhou, Renaissance Florence, Enlightenment Edinburgh, Calcutta, Vienna of 1900, and today’s Silicon Valley, illustrating how certain urban settings are conducive to ingenuity. With insightful humor, Weiner walks the same paths as the geniuses who flourished in these places, to see if the spirit of what inspired figures like Socrates, Michelangelo, and Mozart still remains.

    Along the way, Weiner describes important research about genius…

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  2. #181: The Geography of Genius

    Throughout human history there have been pockets of genius around the world. You had Athens with Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. During the Enlightenment, Edinburgh, Scotland produced a lot of great thinkers who influenced the modern world. And today, Silicon Valley seems to have a concentration of extremely smart and talented people. Why do these pockets of genius seem of occur? What was it about these places? My guest today wanted to find out. Eric Weiner is the author of The Geography of Genius, and on today’s show we talk about his book.

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  3. Becoming A Creative Genius With Phil South | The Creative Penn

    Creativity fascinates us as writers. We seek it and study it, and yet it often appears when we just stop and be silent with our thoughts. As authors we strive to turn our creativity into a finished product that will surprise and delight readers, but it all starts with an idea. In today’s podcast, I talk to author of the Creative Genius Program, Phil South about how we can improve our creativity.

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  4. How Creativity Works

    Boosting creativity is not a magical process, says journalist Jonah Lehrer. In his newest book, "Imagine: How Creativity Works," Lehrer explores different thought processes that anyone can use to foster creativity. He also debunks the myth that creativity is a gift possessed only by the few.


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